Cruise through Alaska, June 2001

The first thing you have to ask yourself when you consider a cruise to Alaska is whether or not you have an occasion special enough to merit the expense. Are you retiring? Are you filthy rich? Have you "just always wanted to go"? Is it a gift for someone special? Well, the last is the reason I decided to go. Our trip to Alaska was a gift for my young bride's 30th birthday. She threw me a great party for my 30th and I almost couldn't keep her gift a secret for the month or so I had to wait for her to hit the big 3-OH.

She was surprised, and if you can believe it, she was a little disappointed. She has "always wanted to go to Germany," her homeland of sorts as she is the first in her immediate family born in the United States. No, she doesn't have a cool German accent, but her Oma (German for grandmother) sure did.

Join us in reflection of our trip and realize why she now thinks any other place in the world would be a disappointment

-Day One-

Taking off from Vancouver. A double rainbow promises we will have a wonderful time. Can you see both of them? Click the picture to right for a larger version.

It had been a terribly long day, departing for a 6:00 AM CST flight and finally disembarking at 6:30 PM PST- 14 hours later.

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-Day Two-

Our second day was spent in Juneau, Alaska. A helicopter ride and hike on the spectacular Mendenhall Glacier was the highlight of our first stop- Juneau, Alaska.

Back on the ground, we toured Juneau, ate a Halibut Taco, and finally found the state Capitol.

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-Day Three-

Skagway is a little bitty town where I'm not sure I even saw a stoplight. I happen to like small towns like that even if they are a bit touristy. The White Pass & Yukon Route train ride provides some of the most beautiful vistas of the trip. The mountain bike adventure from 4,500 ft down to sea level was cool, too.

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-Day Four-

The incredible Hubbard Glacier on one of the most beautiful days Glacier Bay has to offer. We spent hours just floating in front of the glacier, about a mile away from it. There were times during our visit here that words can simply not describe. Truly amazing.

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-Day Five-

Ketchikan, Alaska. Home to a whole bunch of salmon and about 40,000 majestic American eagles. The place has a rain to sunshine gauge that shows only two weeks a year of rain free days. In keeping with our great luck, we had one of the prettiest days anyone there could remember.

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-Day Six-

Ever heard someone describe a part of their journey as the highlight of their vacation? The last day was definitely the low-light for our trip. My young wife was ill most of the day.

She's not sure if it was something she ate in Ketchikan or on the boat. She stayed in bed all day. In between nursing her, and watching the world float by, I finished reading John Grisham's book, A Painted House.

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