Installing E39 Rear Brake Lights

First, we see the car as it was before the Celis rear lights. I had installed the rear clears from the pre-01 M5 to rid myself of the amber signals. I do like amber signals on some cars, especially the green ones where I think they provide great contrast. My preference for Titanium silver is clear.
A comparison of the two lenses.

These are the instructions provided within the Hella kit. 4 Pages.


(Click each page for larger picture of single page)

Trim removal tool. This thing is the best if you've ever tried removing the tabs with a screwdriver. Purchased from AutoZone.
There are four bolts you need to remove to gain access behind the lens.


A good idea is to put a bag over the back of the area where you'll cut and drill. This helps only a little, but it felt better for me than allowing all those shards of metal to fly around the Nav system. Also, while I am not sure if it could happen, I think that those little shards could cause rust eventually. I just felt better with the bag.
Removing the lense exposes the section where you'll drill. These images were taken and edited by AlexPS.
The finished product. You can see where the new ols are drilled. These will allow mounting points for the LED lenses.
Both sides done and ready for installation.
These are the ballasts included with the kit. Some don't like that they take up storage in the wheel well. I never used this area for storage, but you could fabricate custom brackets and mount them wherever you wish. The duct tape was an idea from AlexPS again, I followed his lead there.
The moment of truth! The lights work! They are much brighter, even the turn signals are pretty bright when compared to the older style. Mostly, I like the updated look.
Back home and all buttoned up.
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