Comparing E39 SuperSprint Exhaust

This is a page deditcated to comparing the differences between round and square tipped SuperSrint exhausts on two different E39's. Mine is a 2000 540i6 and my friend's is a 1997 540i6. We have recieved some comments that the mounting may have been done differently, and the there should not be this much of a difference. I'm willing to accept that as possible, so as I would expect you to do anyway, take what you read here as my personal experience, and nothing more.
This is a shot from the rear corners. I really do like his wheels. Now, he has different ones after he put his car on a curb while he was showing off. I like his new ones, too.
Of course, we had to level his exhaust as well. This is better because it is taken with the car on the lift. It will level more when he lets the holders down.
This is a side by side comparison of the two exhausts meausrements. The square is on the left, and the round is on the right. This measures the distance from the rear bumber lip to the tip of the exhaust.
Comparison of lengths from end of muffler muffler to tip. Here, we see something interesting. The difference in length between the round and square from the bumper to the exhaust tip is greater than the length from the end of the muffler housing to the exhaust tips. (I'm looking for a way to include just ONE more prepositional phrase, there.) This lends credence to the idea that the installation of the brackets may have played a part in the length difference.
Visual comparison of the two after installation. This is also a great picture of the difference between titanium silver (square) and arctic silver (round).
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