2000 BMW 540i 6 Speed

You'd think I could just leave well enough alone, wouldn't you? I mean, this is a nearly new car. It only had 2,400 miles on it when purchased. What in the WORLD would I need to do to it? One thing that you may learn if you know someone with the modification addiction is that it matters not if the car (or bike, or motorcycle, or tennis shoes) is perfect right out of the box. People who modify ther cars have a basic need to do one of two things: 1) Make it better than stock. and 2) Make it their own car. I suppose you could say 3) Spend stupid money, but that's understood.


Well, THIS was one stupid thing to do. The bumper on my 2000 540 had been painted and they had done a VERY poor job. I ordered a new bumper from Pacific BMW and this is a page about installing it.

Click here for more pictures from the bumper install.


This is one of the most enjoyable mods I have done to the car. If you like to hear your engine when it sings through the gears, a new exhaust will set your ears on edge.

Click here to see more from exhaust installation.

Compare Exhaust

A friend of mine chose the round tipped exhaust for his '97 540 while I chose the square. This is a comparison of the two.

Click here to see comparisons of the round and square.

Voice Recognition

Without a phone, this doesn't make much sense. One day, I plan to have a phone, though and it is kind of cool to tell the car's navigation to shut up.

Click here for a page about installing voice recognition.

Rear 01's

I really do like these, too. They make the car look updated and they're really bright at night.

Click here for a page about installing the rear taillights.

Euro dash

All I have so far are some pictures from the install.

Click here for more pictures from the dash install.


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