Performance Delivery Center, March 2002

After we did the skip pad, we were treated to lunch at the Delivery Center. I have never seen such a spread for so many people in my entire life. There were at least six choices for the main dish and everything to drink from bottled fruit juice to soda fountain drinks. The food received pretty good reviews from everyone there including my wife who is the most finicky eater I know.

-The Zentrum Museum-
"Heritage explained"

Lunch is a nice time to sit down and talk to some of the people who were on their way over to the PDC with you that morning. Fortunately, for the first part of dinner, Captain Pompous was nowhere to be seen, so I generally enjoyed talking to some of the other folks who shared a passion for the cars and who had just as much fun as us that day. After lunch, we were led to the museum in a convoy of sorts. We parked right up on the sidewalk by the museum. I wondered if this ever gets old for the people who do this every day. How could it?

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Our convoy across the road....

and to the plant (middle).

This was a good chance to get a picture of our car with some more powerful siblings: Two M3's. One loaded with SMG, Nav, and probably everything else belonged to you know who. The grey one belonged to a nice couple from Atlanta. We were headed to Atlanta for a weekend stay with my brother and my newest nephew. Born in December, he is the third son for my brother.

To the left and below is the line of cars all parked out front of the Zentrum Museum.

Yep, that's all paint- not a vinyl sticker anywhere. Pretty impressive.

You may have seen this picture since September 11th. What I found interesting is that it was painted almost two years prior to 2001. It was the pet project of a BMW mechanic's class who demonstrated what they'd learned in the paint booths at Spartanburg.

Once inside the museum, you will be surrounded with bimmers, (and some beemers- did you know there is a difference? Keep reading) from the days of old. Some prewar classics, and some, like the 2002 below, trend setters that changed the course of automotive history. There are race cars, land speed holders, concepts, and motorcycles- which *should* be called beemers. Two wheels=beemer. Four wheels=bimmer. I don't know where it came from, and I don't prefer it either, but that's the way it is.

I guess the Zentrum guys thought this '02 was pretty clean, too. My mouth watered.

Click any picture for a larger (640x~480) version.

I have to say I was impressed at the X5 display. I took this picture so you can see the front of an offset, 40mph front end collision. Now, take a look at the floorboard to the right: The hood handle assembly is broken, and there's a little paint on the underside of the dashboard where the dummy bumped its knee. But your feet? Properly restrained, you should walk away.
I took the picture above for my friend who has an affinity for Warsteiner- and E30M3's.

To the right is the best shot I could take of the Zentrum from the Interstate as we zoomed by. I cut off the right side.

That's about all there is. On the way out of town, we stopped by the headquarters for the BMWCCA and looked around. There is not a whole lot to see, but just being there was kind of neat for me as I have been a member since 1988.
I also mentioned earlier that I would tell you about the benefits of membership in the CCA:
First, the club magazine, Roundel is one of the finest car club publications around. It alone is worth the $35 annual membership.
Next, and perhaps most important: Rebates on car purchases. Once you have been a member for a continuous year prior to purchase, you are eligible for rebates on all but one BMW model, the Z8. If you can afford a Z8, many would argue a rebate is not the most important thing to you. More information about the membership reward program can be found by clicking this link. For us, it has already resulted in $1000 worth of rebates. Enough to pay the dues for nearly 30 years.

There are many more reasons to join, and I'll not go into all of them, but I will say that it is a wonderful association that has the ear and respect of it's manufacturer. If you enjoy it half as much as I, you won't regret it.
I hope that I have offered an accurate impression of my thoughts and experience about taking delivery in Spartanburg. I really enjoyed it, and I would do it again if given the chance. Thanks, BMWNA.
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