Mintgrun 2002

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1975 Mintgrun 2002

I suppose that this is as good a place as any to write about how I came to acquire the 2002 (heretofore known as "Kermit"). It was 1985 and I knew I wanted a 2002 by the end of the year. My first ever. Now what, for a young boy whose options seemed so limitless when a close inspection of his father's income, would I choose? Well, let's forget that fantasy right here and now. Dad may have been wealthy, but if I had just thought about my older brother's first car, a 1970 Plymouth station wagon- oddly enough- also green. Sure, he got the car for nothing in 1978, and so did I mine in 1986. I didn't start driving the car until 3 months later, however.

I remember standing in the window of the BMW dealership and looking out onto the lot at the green car. "I dunno," I said to my Dad. "I don't think I can do a green car." "You'll do a green car or you won't do any car." He said (I found out later) after inking the deal. I know, I was foolish, but it was to become my car. My statement. If you'll forgive the obvious and look for the deeper meaning, it was to become my vehicle. What would the girls say?

This is a page referenced shortly after I did it on 2002BMWFAQ.COM. I am kinda proud.

Shorten the buggy bumpers.

So, what do I mean by make me sweat? Well, it was a control thing. He was in control of giving me the car, so my mom put a big ole red bow on it and presented it in front of the whole school on my birthday. Nearly that same day, we took it to the local bimmer dealer where it sat, largely under his direction for the next three months while I pined for it to be fixed in the worst way. Neat, huh? I have to assume that's just one of many many many mind games played between fathers and sons everywhere. I have to assume it. It's better for me if I do.

When complete, this will include little things that may or may not take only ten minutes.

Ten minute fixes.

But alas, I did get to drive it eventually. I don't remember where the first drive was. I couldn't tell you where it started and ended. All I remember was the feeling of freedom. Some would say that it was the feeling of the open road beckoning me to head wherever I pleased. Others would offer musical interludes from the 4 cylinder motor. I would agree.
And I would add that for this independent 16 year old, everytime I was behind the wheel of my bimmer, I was the one in control. Finally.

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Along those same lines, the chicks, I mean girls, liked the car. They liked the car a lot. From what my wife, whom I met just a year later tells me, I wasn't so bad looking, either.
Well, at least the car stayed in pretty good shape. If only I could shorten my waistline.