This page is about two things: Cars and trips. Along the way, you might find out some stuff about my wife, our family, definately my views on a lot of things, and a lot of other information in general that you have no real business knowing unless someone tells you. I suppose my telling it makes it your business, though doesn't it?

Simply put, I am a certified BMW fool. It started 16 years ago when I bought my 1975 BMW 2002. I have thoughts about what happens to your kid when you buy them their first car, and I may throw them up here one day. I would blame my dad, for the addiction, but then, how could he know what would happen? There was that 1986 article in the Road and Track (of which Dad was a subscriber) "The 10 best cars under $2000" I remember only two, the BMW 2002 and the Nissan 240Z, my second choice.

The Trusty 02. Mintgrun, thankyouverymuch.

Our 'other' 02. My wife's 2002 330ia.
The search began. Whenever we went to a strange city, I hurried through the classifieds, looking for my first car. In retrospect, this was completely futile exercise designed to keep me out of my parent's hair for a few minutes while they tried to enjoy vacation. We never looked at any 2002's outside of our hometown.
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The 2001 X5 3.0. For the mother-in-law.

My daily driver: A 2000 540i6.
Oh, and I did a little page on the Mini. You might call it a Mini-pa.. Aww forget it. Click Here.

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You get to see all the stuff about the cars, but if you really want to see the Alaska section, you have to know me personally. Maybe one day, I'll pull the pics and make a special review for anons, but till then, from the old Saturday Night skit: "Get ta know meeee!" Since I found a snifty java program that allows me to include my email address and frees me of other concerns, I will include it here: .

While there have been many more trips than the Alaskan Cruise, I just haven't gotten off my arse and written any of them up. Also, Alaska stands out as our best trip, ever- that could be the reason for not really caring to write any others up.

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